Introducing the Katana SLI Edition

The newest weapon from KickAss Gaming PC’s. The way games are meant to be played. Featuring an AMD FX-55 processor and a pair of Nvidia Video Cards, the Katana SLI Edition contains all of the latest technology to ensure that your experience is the best you can imagine.

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Got SLI?

The revolutionary NVIDIAŽ SLI™ mulit-GPU (graphics processing unit) technology allows you to combine two BFG Tech PCI ExpressŽ graphics cards in a single system to scale performance. Taking full advantage of the increased bandwidth of the PCI ExpressŽ bus architecture, NVIDIA SLI features intelligent hardware and software solutions that allow two GPUs to efficiently work together to deliver earth-shattering performance.

Kickass Gaming PC

For the ultimate in gaming machines, try a Kickass Gaming PC. Our machines are individually assembled and tested by our technicians to give you the absolute best value and performance available today. Our research department picks the best components available from a wide range of well-known manufacturers with a track record of supporting the gaming market. By building your computer from the ground up for gaming, you are assured that when you order a PC from us, you will KICK ASS!

PLIX Entertainment Center

Just in time for the Holidays.
The PLIX entertainment center has arrived. A fully featured PC running Windows Media Center Edition, the PLIX allows you complete control over your entertainment experience.